Text & Email Marketing

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Text Marketing

"Your Unexpected Edge"

It’s easy to underestimate how effective text marketing can be. Want some proof? The open rate of SMS texts is over 90%. That’s a lot of interested eyes you could catch, and doing so has a range of benefits. In addition to turning leads into customers, text marketing is especially effective for garnering Google reviews, Facebook reviews, or just keeping people informed – all of which are key to bringing your business to the next level and keeping it there. 

Email Marketing

"The Big Question Mark"

Yeah, it’s become the butt of some jokes, but your inbox wouldn’t fill so quickly if this channel didn’t produce results. What you’re curious about is how your company’s emails can become the diamonds in the rough. 

It may come as a surprise, but email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective channels in terms of ROI. According to web guru Neil Patel, you should expect $1 dollar spent on email marketing to get you $51 backif you’re doing it right. KASZ has all the tools and strategy needed to craft an email marketing strategy that actually gets clicks and sustains engagement, so your customers don’t just exile you to the spam folder. 

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